How to Sail Your Way Into a Peaceful Mind

When (in what we are seeking) the mind may always pursue a steady, unruffled course, may be pleased with itself, and look with pleasure upon its surroundings, and experience no interruption of this joy, but abide in a peaceful condition without being ever either elated or depressed: this will be “peace of mind”. The Greeks call this calm steadiness of mind euthymia.     / Seneca, ‘Of Peace of Mind‘   In other words, euthymia is […]

Love is Like Light

Because love is like light – it can’t be possessed and it can’t be touched. BUT it can spread away the darkness and give you warmth. If you don’t pay attention, you might not even notice it in your everyday life. It’s there. In different forms, and with different names. Just pay attention. Don’t go out there looking for it, it will appear unexpectedly, just like the light. You just observe. . photo: Antelope Canyon

On leaving Chicago – retrospective

After 2.5 months, I am finally leaving Chicago and flying back to Europe. After 4 flights and about 6 days I will finally get to Edinburgh where I will stay the whole month of August working at the world’s largest arts festival (read here). I arrived here on 4th May straight from Bahamas, buying the ticket just 4 hours before the actual flight. And for one time in my life I ended up paying a […]

On leaving Chicago – prospective

Tomorrow, after 2.5 months, I am finally leaving Chicago and flying back to Europe. Effectively I will be travelling from North America to Europe through… Asia! Why? Because I can! Hahaha no, seriously not because I can. Why then? My best friend Justyna works for one of the airlines in United Arab Emirates and she is able to book me flights with her staff discount. It’s a standby ticket which means that I will only […]

‘Acabar de llegar’

I need to teach you one expression in Spanish that I find it really cute = ‘acabar de llegar’. ‘Acabar de llegar’ literally means ‘finished arriving’ or ‘finished coming’. You would use it once you have just arrived at your destination. Like if ‘arriving’ was such a huge process! I find it cute that this expression takes the ‘coming’ or ‘arriving’ moment to a different dimension. Imagine there was an expression like this in English… […]

The FRUITFUL search for answers

Have you ever wondered why passionfruit is called PASSIONFRUIT? Well, I have. I do question a lot of things so of course I needed to find out why this random fruit with a gluey fluid inside and a lot of seeds in it has a connection with passion. At first I thought – maybe there is a sexual association with it… Thinking that I couldn’t be more wrong!! Passionfruit is related to CRUCIFIXION! So it […]

Trust the Universe

So tonight we did a bit of fortune telling. Lily, 9 year old, guided me through my session and read my cards. So basically, there were around 50 cards, I had to shuffle them, and then pick 3 cards, each would represent my past, present, and future. My future card was titled ‘Time to decide’ and it meant that whatever I do, I should trust the universe and keep following my heart and intuition. When […]

I <3 my life

My life is amazing. This year everything works out perfectly for me. It feels like the universe wrote an ideal script for me and I just need to play my part. And of course I am the main star, living the dream. I started 2018 with 6 weeks in Costa Rica, getting sponsored to be a volunteer in an indigenous community. Six weeks, which I thought at the beginning would be a terribly long time, […]

Some thoughts under full moon

Being 1.5 years without a job I realised I drifted away from being ‘normal’. Today in Los Secretos during dinner I spoke to a couple from The Netherlands, who are my age and are guests here. They said they would love to have a dog but cannot have one because they have a full time job. The way they said ‘full time’ sounded like the job really takes the ‘full time’ from their lives and […]