‘Acabar de llegar’

I need to teach you one expression in Spanish that I find it really cute = ‘acabar de llegar’. ‘Acabar de llegar’ literally means ‘finished arriving’ or ‘finished coming’. You would use it once you have just arrived at your destination. Like if ‘arriving’ was such a huge process! I find it cute that this expression takes the ‘coming’ or ‘arriving’ moment to a different dimension. Imagine there was an expression like this in English… […]



Hello from Mexico! I am in love with Mexico! The Mayan Riviera is full of beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise water. The food is cheap and delicious, if I get fat don’t judge me 😃 Everyday I am experiencing something new, I take so many amazing photos, it’s even hard to share them all! In the 2 weeks I am travelling I  already swam with turtles, danced salsa, dived in a cave, slided […]


AyAyAyAy Puerto Rico!

Hey guys! It’s been few rainy days over here in Puerto Rico. I am staying in the Old San Juan, really beautiful! So after speaking to several people in the marina, it looks like finding a boat from here, going to any other island and especially to Dominican would be VERY difficult, I could almost say impossible. The only way would be going to a city on the east coast called Fajardo and catching a […]


Step 1

Do you hate Mondays? I think I might actually start to like them. Reason is simple – from next week, Monday will be no different to me than Friday – it will just be a name. It will be a day like any other, unforeseen, unplanned, and just like a sheet of paper – empty first but soon starting to get filled with stories of new adventures. I hate saying that I’m different than other people. I am […]