How to Sail Your Way Into a Peaceful Mind

When (in what we are seeking) the mind may always pursue a steady, unruffled course, may be pleased with itself, and look with pleasure upon its surroundings, and experience no interruption of this joy, but abide in a peaceful condition without being ever either elated or depressed: this will be “peace of mind”. The Greeks call this calm steadiness of mind euthymia.     / Seneca, ‘Of Peace of Mind‘   In other words, euthymia is […]


Love is Like Light

Because love is like light – it can’t be possessed and it can’t be touched. BUT it can spread away the darkness and give you warmth. If you don’t pay attention, you might not even notice it in your everyday life. It’s there. In different forms, and with different names. Just pay attention. Don’t go out there looking for it, it will appear unexpectedly, just like the light. You just observe. . photo: Antelope Canyon